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Play OUYA Games On M.O.J.O. Now!!!

by on July 1, 2014

Upgrade! Just in time for Independence Day, Mad Catz is offering a M.O.J.O. update packed with new features so you can celebrate in style. It’s time to take M.O.J.O. to the next level!

In the world of gaming, few things shout ‘Independence!’ more than M.O.J.O., Mad Catz’ remarkable Micro-Console powered by Android. We bring the technology; you bring the ideas. Since M.O.J.O. isn’t tied to a particular app store or interface, you have the freedom to play whatever you want, wherever you want, for gaming, media, office apps and more!

That independence just got a whole lot more exciting – with M.O.J.O.’s latest firmware update installed, you can transform your M.O.J.O. into a true gaming and media powerhouse.


M.O.J.O. owners now have instant access to the OUYA app. OUYA has hundreds of incredible games which are configured to work perfectly with M.O.J.O.’s C.T.R.L.R gamepad. Many OUYA games are award-winning exclusives which you can’t buy anywhere else!

Remember when HDTV was the ‘next big thing?’ Well those days are gone, and the era of 4K (Ultra High Definition) is upon us. The cost of new 4K UHD TVs and monitors is dropping precipitously now, and it’s only a matter of time before we’re all enjoying our content at four times the resolution of HDTV.

M.O.J.O. is well ahead of the curve and once you install your new firmware, you can hook M.O.J.O. up to your compatible 4K UHD display and enjoy content at 2160p.

Even better Google Play Access
With the new firmware installed, you’ll also see a lot of new content available on stores like Google Play. The vast majority of games and apps on digital stores will now be visible and available for download on M.O.J.O. Previously the only way to get this kind of access would have been to root your console but now you have instant access right out of the box!

Root Access
Remember, M.O.J.O. is open platform so if you want to root your console, go ahead; it won’t void your warranty.

Where else can you get so much value for so little money?! For under $200 you can outsmart your Smart TV, play the latest graphically intense Android games on your big screen, enjoy the amazing content of OUYA, surf the web, plug in a keyboard and mouse and get to work with mobile office, play your cloud-based PC games with OnLive or melt your eyeballs with the beauty of 4K video!

There’s never been a better time to Play Big! If you have M.O.J.O. already and want to download the new firmware, please click here: http://mojo.madcatz.com/faq.html

Source: MadCatz