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Race for Your Life

by on October 20, 2014

Race! Stay alive! and win! This cross platform on-line and local multiplayer game will put you in control of the super colour cars. Machines developed to win! But be smart because the other player has the same technology and will not want to stay behind!

• Multiplayer online cross platform up to 4 players , severs around the world;
• Multiplayer local up to 4 players;
• New async mode, play with other player even if he’s offline;
• Online ranked match with all platforms together;
• 7 great tracks to race;
• Simple gameplay and very addictive;
• 8 bits retro visual, but poisoned with technology;
• Use the power-up boost and vacuum and surely you will win!

We are working on updates, we’d love to hear your suggestions write to us!


DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER(S): amoraleite.com

RELEASE DATE: October 20th, 2014

PRICE: $1.99 (Free 2 Try)

PLAYERS: 1-4 Players (On-line & Local Multiplayer)




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Available On OUYA