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Super Hexagon for OUYA

by on June 25, 2014

Super Hexagon has arrived on OUYA thanks to the creative mind of Terry Cavanagh, developer of VVVVVV. This Android port over puts you in a fast paced puzzler where you control a small triangle that needs to avoid smashing into walls. The concept is simple but the delivery of Super Hexagon is where the beauty of this game lies.

You begin by choosing one of three selectable modes. Hexagon, Hexagoner and Hexagonest which of course are equal to Hard, Harder and Hardest difficulty levels. Once you make your selection the game is on and you are placed in the middle of a playing field that looks like an umbrella pattern with stripes going outward to the edge of the screen. As the umbrella surface begins to twist you notice walls are being formed and moving at you quickly. Do you move left, right or spin 180 degrees to escape certain death? Make your decision quickly using the D-Pad or L1 and R1 buttons to avoid the walls. As you progress by dodging one wall then another so do the levels, you start with a point level where walls are not always connected, you then move on to a line level with connected line walls. Then comes squares,triangles and so on as you move deeper into the spinning abyss.

Every time you crash into a wall you get the stereotypical “Game Over” voice letting you know you have failed. Press O and a female robotic voice declares “again!” and throws you right back into the mix from the beginning like a rat going for a pellet of cheese. Before long we found ourselves beating her to the line as we shouted “Again!, Again! Again!!!” pressing O over and over each time to take one more spin. While I am sure with enough practice this game is beatable it is just one of those frustrating yet exciting games that makes you want to keep coming back for more.

If you try to do the hardest levels for any length of time you will find the normal level to be quite tame and slow by comparison, we used this to our advantage to gain a little headway on the level but during our hours long testing were never quite able to complete the level. While you may think that it’s and endless runner type game with only a best time score to beat it is in fact capable of being completed as there are three unlockable bonus levels for each of the three difficulty levels you can play.

A final high note of Super Hexagon is the music which contributed by Chip2el, this music adds to the already intense feel of Super Hexagon as it pumps up the adrenaline on your game play making you sweat with each heart pounding beat. Move on to a new level or difficulty and you will have an even more intense set of songs to guide your way into the insanity that is Super Hexagon.

Let us leave you with a quote from the computer Joshua from the movie War Games that applies to Super Hexagon more than any game we can think of on OUYA. The quote goes “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.” While we are not at all suggesting you don’t give Super Hexagon a try we do want you to remember that we warned you should you decide to test your sanity against Super Hexagon.




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Bottom Line

In our opinion it's worth the price you pay for the full game but having said that it's not for everybody so the lack of demo could end up being Super Hexagon's downfall.

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